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At present, the production and distribution of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) has become a threat to our global community. This can be a double-edged sword which on the one side can be used by the government to uphold the law and justice, but on the other side it can be used by other parties to support their actions against the government and carry out acts of terror to the public. Referring to this problem, this study will try to analyze the distribution and use of SALW by both the government and other parties, using the constructivism theory approach. This research was conducted with qualitative methods by collecting data from literature studies from offline and online sources. This study shows the circulation and distribution of SALW, especially those that are not licensed is a phenomenon that is rife in our developed world. The practice of trading SALW in an area that has a culture that is closely related to weapons is still a complicated problem that is very difficult to overcome because of lack of control mechanism to reduce the misuse of SALW.


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