• Deddy Prio Ekwandono Sekolah STAF dan Komando TNI Angkatan Laut
Keywords: Development, Industry, Defense, Indonesia




Background: A country's resources, geographical aspects, developments in information technology can lead to potential risks in upholding the national defense system. The defense industry is used as part of advancing the defense system in an independent manner to create a deterrence effect on other countries because countries that have advanced and strong defense industries have more margins in controlling political directions which have an effect on diplomatic relations.

Objective: This study aims to determine how the development of the defense industry in Indonesia.

Methods: The method used is a qualitative approach and data collection is carried out by literature study which is then analyzed using theory.

Result: The Defense Industry in Indonesia is regulated in Law no. 16 of 2012 emphasizes the essential willingness of Alpalhankam and Alutsista, to prioritize human resources who have high intellectual and utopianism, including primary and auxiliary element industries, basic equipment industry, raw material industry, industrial elements and supporting (supplies) and able to adapt to the times. .

Conclusion: The domestic land industry is used as part of the end of the state's efforts in advancing the defense system in an independent manner so that it can reap the benefits of the agenda of providing defense media at the Ministry of Defense. There needs to be a national consensus that supports the expansion of the quantity of the national defense industry in order to have competencies that can compete in the global and regional arena.


Keywords: Development, Industry, Defense, Indonesia


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