• Muhammad Rizky Prawira
  • Asma Amin
Keywords: ASEAN Community; Tourism; West Sulawesi Tourism


The year of 2018 is a sign that the implementation of the ASEAN Community agenda has entered its third year. In other words, by now we can expect to see the progress of the integrated programs from the ASEAN Community. More specifically, the initial output from the development of the tourism sector in sub-urban and rural areas in Indonesia should now be assessible. Based on these considerations, this research is initiated. In this case, West Sulawesi is definitely a province that is still relatively young and includes several districts and many villages that are still developing. But on the other hand, the province actually has a considerable potential in tourism, especially in terms of developing natural and coastal tourism sites. Therefore, using a combination of structured interview and process tracing methods, this study analyzes the outputs and initial results of tourism development in West Sulawesi for three years since the start of ASEAN Community in 2015. The results of the study indicate that there has not been a significant increase or strategic improvement in the development of tourism infrastructures in West Sulawesi during the period of 2015-2018. But on the other hand, there is a significant increase in the number of foreign tourists in West Sulawesi during this period which is mainly generated by the application of event-based tourism activities.



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