• Endang Priatna Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani Cimahi-Bandung
  • Titin Rohayatin
  • Tinda Irawaty


In 2013, 2018, and 2019, there were arrests of terrorism in Cimahi City. Cimahi City is considered prone to become a hiding place. So this research seeks to study the supervision of the City Government of Cimahi in combating terrorism. The results showed that the City of Cimahi in combating terrorism, National Unity, and Politics in Cimahi City synergized with the police and also the people of Cimahi City. Through the Community Early Awareness Forum, Kesbangpol together with the police, provide education to the public regarding radikaslime and terrorism. Both the Kesbapol and the police have competent human resources in supervision. It's just beyond this that the shortcomings are related to the strengths of HR in the police. Planning of supervision in combating terrorism in Cimahi City is carried out by monitoring the tasks of each unit in the police. A special budget for handling terrorism does not yet exist. So, the conclusion is that the monitoring of countermeasures in the Cimahi City Government is carried out by inviting the public to look at the adjacent environment, and denies that what can be done can be directly reported to the Government or the police.

Keywords: Monitoring, Terrorism, Local Government


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